the department

The Department of Regional Development of the Ionian University is a newly developed Department, located at the island of Lefkada, founded on 2018 after the merge of the former Technological Educational Institute of Ionian Islands with the Ionian University. This was previously functioning under the jurisdiction of the Technological Educational Institute of Ionian Islands, as the former Department of Business Administration, consisted of two pathways, the Business Administration and the Tourism Management.

The new academic program is expected to commence during 2020-2021 with the registration of new students while teach-out plans are already in place for former students. Our aim is to underline the vital importance of region development for national economy growth, prosperity and innovation, development of economic, social and cultural channels across regions, sustainable finance and ESG investing.

The Department of Regional Development is going to be transferred and accommodated at a new building granted by the Municipality of Lefkada to the Ionian University (the former Youth Center of the Municipality of Lefkada). The renovation work in the new building is expected in due time and the new building is going to accommodate administrative and academic staff members, the labs, the lecture theatres and all other academic activities.