Welcome to the website of the Department of Regional Development of the Ionian University, where you will find information about the organization of the Department, the administrative services, the content of the undergraduate studies and the research & development projects that are being implemented.

The Department of Regional Development is a newly established Department of the Ionian University, which in the year 2021 goes through its 3rd year of operation since its establishment, back in October 2018. It is one of the best – in terms of quality – Departments of the country and is considered equal to Departments with similar curriculum abroad considering the quality of the training provided to the students and its overall research activity.

In the first period of its operation, the Department of Regional Development has undertaken the difficult task of executing the old curricula of the former TEI of Ionian Islands, according to the requirements of Law 4559/2018. The primary goal of the Department is the training of high level scientists, theoretically equipped and practically trained, able to meet the educational and other challenges of the time.

The Department aims at the development of future scientists by providing opportunities for further specialization through future postgraduate and research programs. To achieve this goal, the Curriculum will be designed in such a way as to meet the full range of relevant subjects and will be updated according to modern scientific developments, while the graduates of the Department, having acquired a high level of knowledge and practical skills can to work in both the public and the private sector, while being admitted to postgraduate study programs at home and abroad.

The staffing of the Department has been done with a high level of Teaching and Research Staff, with a research project of recognized scientific prestige and international acceptance. At the same time, collaborations with many institutions at home and abroad are favored, with the ultimate goal of student and staff mobility, participation in European research and development programs, the publication of papers in international conferences and journals with critics and the organization of workshops and summer schools.

In this challenging context, it is true that the teaching and administrative staff of the Department is doing a memorable job, so that the Department is a learning community with its own academic and social character that recognizes it as a member of the University community of the Ionian University.

We continue, therefore, with a vision and a will for the promotion of Lefkada on the university map of the country and the consolidation of the Department of Regional Development as a pole of attraction for scientific and didactic work of high added value, as, that is, befits a Department of an Institution »Academic heritage, being the successor of the Ionian Academy, the first university-level school in modern Greece.


Head of Department

Phivos-Apostolos Mylonas

Associate Professor