olga eleni astara

Olga Eleni Astara, Lecturer

Ionian University, Department of Regional Development
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Dr. Olga Eleni Astara is a Graduate of Political Sciences and History at Panteion University, holds a Master’s Degree on Sustainable Development with a focus on Local Development at Harokopio University and holds a PhD on Corporate Social Responsibility Sustainable Development and Financial Performance of Enterprises at Harokopio University.  She is a member of the Teaching and Research Staff in the rank of Lecturer – Applications with specialization “Institutions and Practices of Sustainable Development” in the Department of Regional Development of the School of Economics at the Ionian University. Her areas of research interest are Sustainable Regional Development, Corporate Social Responsibility and the contribution of businesses to urban and regional development and sustainable tourism.

She has worked at the National School of Local Government of the National Center for Public Administration and Local Government in support of ESTA Programs. from 2005 to 2009.

She has participated as a member of the “Environment Team” of the Institute of Urban and Rural Sociology of the National Center for Social Research from 2001 to 2004 in programs such as RUROS “Redefining the urban identity of open spaces”, the DAC / Ministry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works Dissemination of environmental information – Communication scheme for ecological information and environmental education “and others.

Indicative Publications:

  1. Babatsou, C., Halkos, G., Astara, O.H. “Composite indicators in evaluating tourism performance and seasonality DOI: 10.1007/s12351-020-00610-5, Springer Operational Research.
  2. Mitoula R., Astara O.Η., “The contribution of Corporate Social Responsibility to the Development of Local Communities”, Journal of Regional and Socio-Economic Issues, Volume 2, Issue 1, January 2012, p.p. 65-78, (http://www.jrsei.yolasite.com/).
  3. Astara O.E., Mitoula R., Theodoropoulou H.Corporate Social Responsibility: A marketing tool and/or a factor for the promotion of sustainable development for companies? A review of companies in the Athens Stock Exchange”, International Journal on Strategic Innovative Marketing (IJSIM), 02 (2015),  p.p. 17-33, DOI:10.15556/IJSIM.02.01.002.       
  4. Bampatsou, Hadjiconstantinou, G., Astara, O.H. «The Possibilities for sustainability in the energy sector of the Economic Systems when the law of entropy makes its appearance» Archives of Economic History 25 (2) (2013), p.p.61-78.
  5. Theodoropoulou H., Mitoula R., Astara O.H., Kaldis P., «Applied Issues of Agritourism Cooperation and Sustainable Endogenous Development», American Journal of Applied Sciences Issue 5 (11), (2008), p. 1588-1594.
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  7. Beneki, , Astara O. H, Giannoukou I., Palamas S., “Financial Performance and Adoption of Corporate Social Responsibility within the Business Sector in Greece”.Proceedings of the 1st  International Conference on Quantitative, Social, Biomedical and Economic issues, June 29-30, 2017, Athens, Greece, (ICQSBEI 2017).
  8. Astara, O.H., Beneki Ch., Mitoula R. Kallantonis, P., “Corporate Social Responsibility and Financial Performance within the Business Sector in Greece”, Strategic Innovative Marketing 4th IC-SIM (2015), Mykonos, Greece.


Participation in research projects

  1. Agricultural University. Participation in the scientific working group for the elaboration of a study entitled: “Study of calculation and documentation of additional costs and lost income resulting from the exercise of agricultural activity in disadvantaged and problem areas” in 2008.
  2. Harokopio University. Participation in the scientific working group for the elaboration of a study entitled: “Study for Modern Financial Applications in the Agricultural Economy” of the Department of Home Economics and Ecology of Harokopio University from 5/2007 -2/2008.
  3. Agricultural University. Participation in the scientific working group for the elaboration of the program: “Consumer behavior in traceability” from 10 / 2005-4 / 2006.
  4. RDI HELLAS. Participation in the elaboration of a study as an external collaborator of RDI HELLAS entitled “Elaboration of a study for the investigation of the possibilities of interconnection of the Peloponnese Region with other Regions of the EU”. from 4 / 2006-6 / 2006.
  5. University of Economics. Athens Special Account for Research Funds Participation in the Preparation of a Business Plan for the Submission of Projects by the National Center for Public Administration and Local Government in the OP. “Information Society” .from 7 / 2005-9 / 2005.